High temperature pressure sintering degreasing integrated furnace
The high temperature pressure sintering and degreasing integrated furnace combines the positive and negative pressure degreasing, atmosphere sintering, vacuum sintering and pressure sintering processes. It is used for the sintering treatment of cemented carbide, cermet and other products. It can work in the vacuum, AR / H2 / CH4 gas environment, the temperature as high as 1700 ℃ and the pressure as high as 100bar. Uniform heat field, advanced gas field distribution and precise temperature control curve ensure the high quality and qualified rate of products. Up to 98% of the dewaxing collection rate (Paraffin), to ensure full recovery of paraffin, and significantly reduce the pollution of vacuum pump oil, effectively extend the maintenance cycle of vacuum pump.
Effective interval 300*300*900
Design standard JB4732-95, 20 years service life, double door horizontal structure, 6000 heats
Maximum operating temperature 1600℃
Maximum working pressure 10bar
Vacuum leakage rate 3PA / h (24h average value of cold, air and dry furnaces)
Vacuum pump Slide valve pump and roots pump (imported pump and domestic pump can be matched according to user's requirements)
Wax removal rate 98%
Pressurization time 15-30 minutes
Cooling time (full furnace) ≤3h/4h
Uniformity of temperature and atmosphere Magnetic deviation: ≤± 0.3ka/m, cobalt magnetic deviation: ≤± 0.3%, temperature difference ≤± 7 ℃
Cooling water temperature ≤30℃
Cooling water flow 600L/min
Power Supply Three phase five wire AC380V ± 10% / 50Hz
Power supply of control cabinet Single phase ac210v-250v / 50Hz
heating power 220KVA/280KVA/320KVA/360KVA
Temperature measurement mode Wre5-26 double single core thermocouple, redundant to each other, stable and reliable
temperature control Two belt temperature control / three belt temperature control / four belt temperature control
Have function Vacuum sintering, vacuum dewaxing, hydrogen positive pressure dewaxing, partial pressure sintering, atmosphere sintering, pressure sintering, rapid cooling
Furnace weight ≈6 tons/≈8 tons/≈12 tons/≈13 tons
Allow gas to be introduced Argon, hydrogen, nitrogen, methane

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